Dubstep Beat Battle in SF, Saturday Nov. 20th

Phillipdrummond and Ro Knew present:

Dubstep beat battle and canned food drive on Saturday Nov. 6th at Club 6 in the dark room
There will be a sample flip round, sample pack round, acapella remix, and a diggin round and it’s tournament style with producers going head to head!

Round 1: Sample Flip Round-contestants are assigned a sample to flip for the first round
Round 2: Sample Pack Hip Hop Remix Round-contestants are given several songs to choose from and must make a remix/new song out of one of the Hip Hop songs
Round 3: Acapella Remix Round-contestants are provided an acapella to remix, in this case “big pimpin” and the original is provided as a reference track
Round 4: Diggin Round-contestants must bring their own sample which they will play, then play the beat they made with it

download samples here:


the battle is set up tournament style so first round winners advance and compete in the next round. all beats are 1 min long and are made ahead of time, and played off cd’s at the battle, head to head!

Judged by the crowd (so bring all your homeys!) DNAEBEATS, and Change the Beat Residents Mophono aka DJ Centipede and Dials

hosted by Ro Knew and Pd
for more info or to enter contact

Johnny 5, Dials (Change the Beat), and Pd on the decks

$10 cover, $7 w/can of food for Glide
free with RSVP at http://going.com/dubstepbeatbattle b4 10:30pm
Official Site: http://philthybeats.com/

1) Will Bracy Group 1 Perdiste
2) The Ops Group 1 Perdiste
3) Sloppy Group 1 Perdiste
4) Loaded Group 1 Perdiste
5) Mike Cee the Maitre’d Group 2 Nefertiti
6) Sean Ebo Group 2 Nefertiti
7) Bebel Group 2 Nefertiti
8) DJ Theory Group 2 Nefertiti
9) keace Group 3 I Feel You
10) Cheebs Group 3 I Feel You
11) Kaifeng Group 3 I Feel You
12) Le Hard Group 4 Erkin Koray
13) Hiright Group 4 Erkin Koray
14) Ion the Prize Group 4 Erkin Koray

Official Site: http://philthybeats.com


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